During the regional conference held in Ferrara on 22nd of March various proposals and ideas for the development in the coming years of Ferrara tourism were presented. The underlying theme of the interventions was the enhancement of tourism proposals through the 5 senses and sustainable mobility.

Aim of this project “Landscape metropolis” is to produce a systemic analysis/business plan of the new sustainable intermodal mobility solution over a sample area of the whole Ferrara territory concerned in order to be discussed with public/private investors.

In the Landscape Metropolis project’s perspective the environment could become the framework to weave a minute embroidery of paths to reach the inner and most marginalised areas. Such a continuous and varied grid of routes (potential or existing) secure the ideal structure for intermodal mobility (Accelerate Clean Urban Mobility).

Bike paths, waterways, nature walks, railway lines soon to be dismissed are the recurring elements of this territory, the structure for a pattern to optimise timing and routes, with the most diverse means of transportation. Bicycles, boats, and the technologically advanced and environmental friendly electric buses and light rail facilitate commutes creating a convenient, widespread network.