Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA on October 2nd and 3rd 2019 hosted a two-day partner meeting. As part of the project’s program first day of the partners meeting was dedicated to exchanging experiences and showing good practice by Study visit in Mountain Velebit. Second day a Partners Meeting was held in old town of Zadar, Almayer Art and Heritage Hotel.

As the ADRION 5 SENSES project aims to create a new tourism product that stimulates all five senses of tourists, the representatives of the partner institutions felt firsthand all the senses that can stimulate Zadar region’s mountain location Velebit. The scent of medicinal herbs, breathtaking views, home-made food that melts in touch with the palate, the sound of silence, the texture of stone, fertile valleys and the sea sight in a distance showed that Velebit really awakens all senses, and neither fog nor rain prevent it, on the contrary.

With the expert guidance of Marin Marasovic and his team from Photo Safari Velebit, visitors brought home a unique experience. Wild pomegranate, cornel red cherrys, sage, heather, and giant mushrooms lured visitors with their colors and scents, while the trees donned their autumn coat that even fog couldn’t hide. Veliko i Malo Libinje, Tulove grede, Zrmanja, Potprag, view of the fog-escaping islands – awoke all five senses of visitors immediately.

The second day of the visit was marked by the project meeting with presentation of tasks achieved so far on the project implementation and plans for further successful implementation of the project.