PP3 – SIPRO was the responsible partner of the Communication Package of the ADRION 5 Senses and will now deliver training on Communication strategies – the training aims to offer insights on how a Communication Plan and Strategy is developed, what are the factors that need to be considered and what are the tools used to implement the Communication Strategies. Communication challenges in times of Covid and communication tactics have also been addressed.

Finally, PP3 will present the ADRION 5 SENSES participation in International Tourism Exhibitions (i.e BIT-MILANO, FIRUT Spain), how the Project got there, the benefit of attending International Tourism Events etc. The ADRION 5 SENSES communication strategy will be to showcase potential challenges and opportunities that future stakeholders might face. The training – being in a webinar mode etc. was delivered in Italian with English subtitles. The type of training was decided in relation to Covid-19 status and restrictions.

You can find its content here!