Regional Conference and Consultation Workshop – Thursday 11th of April 2019

The Regional Development Agency of Evia SA., project partner of ADRION 5 SENSES, will organise a conference and a consultation workshop in Evia, to present and finalise its Regional Strategy and Action Plan. The strategy will provide the pathway to promote Evia as a sustainable destination, offering innovative, senses-indulging tourism products and experiences. Evia’s rich cultural and natural resources pave the way for an eco-friendly alternative tourism model, that offers focuses on quality experiences and entertains the 5 senses of the visitor.

The produced strategy will feed in the Joint Strategy and Action Plan, that the ADRION 5 SENSES partners will create during their Opening Conference and Meeting in Ferrara later in April.

The conference in Evia will include presentations and key-note speeches from regional and local tourism stakeholders, as well as provide the necessary thematic knowledge on destination management models, sensory marketing and destination branding.

More information: ADRION_Event_POSTER – DAE