Building the ADRION Brand Name in Tourism, indulging all Five Senses. This was the main objective and experience of ADRION 5 Senses. This project started in 2018 and aimed to address the common territorial challenges within ADRION areas, namely the lack of a sustainable tourism model based on innovative, high-quality tourism products and services. The project suggested a holistic approach to sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to develop effective branding strategies and boost the performance of ADRION destination by creating conditions to enhance tourist experiences. This integrated approach (sensory marketing) was new and innovative for the ADRION area.

The aim of this Roadmap is therefore to be a guideline for future projects and stakeholders that might wish to follow the path towards the development of ADRION 5 Senses. To get this purpose, the Roadmap provides essential information and tools for any interested partner/stakeholder that wishes to learn more about sensory marketing and branding and to apply a similar approach to a new initiative or more simple to join the ADRION 5 Senses Network

Access the ADRION5SENSES Roadmap here