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Study visit in Serbia

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Study visit in Serbia

December 2nd, 2019|Events|

Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje organized a two-day study visit on 12-13 November 2019, in order to present best practices in the field of sustainable tourism product development and branding in Vojvodina and Central Serbia. The first destination of the study visit was the farmhouse Perkov salaš, as a good practice in creating an offer in ethno tourism based on the principles of traditional offer and preservation of cultural heritage. The next destination was the modern ethno-tourist complex Vrdnička kula, with integrated tourist offer of spa, gastro and ethno tourism applying the principles of ecological sustainability as well. The site presentations and the transfer of experience were complemented with expert lectures on topics of destination branding, digital and sensory marketing and use of modern tools in communication and marketing. The final destination was the Despotika winery of the Šumadija wine region, as a good example of brand building and comprehensive wine tourism offer.

Participants of the study visit were local level decision makers, tourism management stakeholders and other representatives of the local governments of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, than representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, one representative of Serbian Development Agency (RAS) and REDASP project team. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia is an associated partner at the project ADRION 5 SENSES.